Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Heart Graffiti: Three Of A Kind

I took a wander down to The Bernard Shaw today to have a look around their car-park as they have a lot of graffiti in around the premises. I saw some good stuff, although a lot of it was obviously obstructed by all the parked cars.

I took a bunch of photos. When I got back home and uploaded these photos I realised that I took three from pretty much exactly the same angle and I thought it might be neat to display them together.

So, after the winter break, here are my first graffiti finds of 2011...

I thought it was a shame that some eejit decided to spray a squiggle across the last one but I guess that's the nature of the art form, some kid will always decide to ruin it.

As always, just click the pictures to see larger versions.

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