Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Haul 2010

Christmas is the time for receiving and showing off smugly what you got to your friends. I'm a blogger so I have no friends. Which means I'm going to have to brag to you lot instead. You faceless friends o' mine.

I managed to walk away with a good stash of stuff from the family this year. So here is the whole kit caboodle.

Please note, I was given no actual caboodle.

Christmas Jumper

10 years ago I probably would have cried about receiving this gift. Sadly, it was my favourite of the lot this year. I guess I am getting old. It's really warm and soft. I look totally boss in it. What's not to love?
I guess if it wasn't a video game, my teenage self would have been disappointed. Times have changed. My fashion sense probably hasn't changed.

Also, now I can do a Bill Cosby impression! Always a hit at parties.

My kind of parties, anyway.

Simon Pegg "Nerd Do Well"

I was hoping to get this autobiography. Simon is a bit of a hero of mine ever since Spaced gripped my butt at age 19 and never let go. Like a drunk friend who won't listen to "no".

It will be interesting to read some stories of when he first met Nick Frost and the bromance for the ages began. Definitely looking forward to reading this one.


One of my favourite films from this year, Kick-Ass was one of those few comic book movies that was actually better than I was expecting. Chloe Moretz completely steals the show and will hopefully have a long career ahead of her with no trips to rehab.

I got to see the film again both flying to and flying from Dragon*Con this year so seeing it a 4th time may not be on the cards for a little bit, but I'm glad I own it now.

The Beano And Dandy Heroes
This was my entry to comic books as a child. I read Beanos every week for years. I loved them dearly. Roger The Dodger and Minnie The Minx were idols in my eyes. I still have a copy of the first ever full colour issue tucked away in a drawer.

My parents got me this book which is kind of a "hey remember this?" collection and it was indeed instant nostalgia. The perfect type of gift at Christmas.

A Nightmare Before Christmas / The Corpse Bride

I have seen neither of these films. People tell me how much they love ANBC but I guess it was just one of those things that passed me by. So as a gift this was a good combo to give me. I'll have to get both watched before the year is out, methinks.

Manchester United Jersey

I'm a life long fan so this was an obvious gift to get me, even though I didn't see it coming. On a side note my girlfriend was trying to get Giggs' name on the back for me (total man-crush) but apparently there are no places in Dublin that will do it. You can get Nani on the back but not Giggs. Nani?! What is the world coming to... She is going to send it away to get done though.

Michael Bublé - Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition)

The less said the better as my love is well documented. This contains a bonus disc with 8 songs though so that is worth mentioning. You know, and the fact that he is dreamy.

I also got some booze but I don't think that needs to be talked about in-depth. If you're thinking of buying for me, however, cider is a good bet.

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