Friday, November 26, 2010

"That is no way to take a picture"

A couple of years ago I was inspired by a lyric from a Tastydactyls song to start a project; getting people to take pictures of themselves in the mirror. I thought it would be interesting to see people's different take on the same thing and collecting them together might make something profound.

Obviously, I was distracted by something shiny and moved on to the next hokey thought to entertain myself with. However, some lovely people did donate photographs to the cause and I feel bad that I never did anything with them. So, I'm going to make up for it by presenting them to you now.

A feast for your eyes!

Nikki Birdwell / Waco, Texas / Sept 2006

JJ Hawkins / New York, New York / July 2008

Tanya Hamell / Fort Ann, New York / Sept 2008

Pete Mele / New York, New York / Nov 2008

Aaron Poole / Dublin, Ireland / Nov 2010

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