Friday, November 5, 2010

Chromeo. Live in Dublin.

The iconic keyboard-legs.
(taken from my phone)
Last night I got the opportunity to see Chromeo play a live show in the Tripod venue, Dublin. I had been a fan since Brian Fitzpatrick gave me a copy of Fancy Footwork a few years ago. The Montreal duo are a remarkably funky electronic dance/pop infusion. If that last sentence sounded incredibly pretentious it's because I have always found Chromeo hard to describe to people.

I've often used the phrase "80s' Prince" but recently I've also been told "a modern day Hall & Oates" is just as accurate. Their inability to be pinned into one genre is a good thing though. Nothing worse than a typical band of any kind and luckily Chromeo are anything but.

The gig was a fun affair. Good crowd and a decent venue. All the hits we were hoping would get played, did. Highlights included a bra getting thrown on stage (that got a good laugh from everyone), P-Thugg messing up his intro to Mama's Boy and thus getting whipped by Dave1 (with the previously mentioned bra) and then at the end when Dave1 came out to the crowd to sing, we all got to give him a good pat on the back for his troubles. He left through a fire exit in the crowd but a crazy female fan managed to wrestle with security for a couple of minutes (again, that got a good laugh from everyone).

The only downside to the night was after the crowd constantly chanted "Chro-me-o... oooooooh" I now can't get it out of my head. It's driving me nuts in the office! So maybe if I share one of their new songs with you I might be able to change the tune. Enjoy!

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